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Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Notify me. Description Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's timeless creation returns in a new series of handsomely designed, long out-of-print detective stories. From the earliest days of Holmes' career to his astonishing encounters with Martian invaders, the "Further Adventures" series encapsulates the most varied and thrilling cases of the worlds' greatest detective. Sherlock Holmes, Professor Challenger and Dr.

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: War of the Worlds

Watson meet their match when the streets of London are left decimated by a prolonged alien attack. Who could be responsible for such destruction? Sherlock Holmes is about to find out Manly and Wade Wellman's novel takes H. Well's classic story and throws Holmes into the mix, with surprising and unexpected results.

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The main appeal of this straightforward story is the way in which Mycroft outwits his more famous sibling. In "The Clash of the Miracle Men" by Rohit Sawant , the detective investigates the incredible story of a constable who claims a man instantly transported him from London to San Francisco.

Sherlock Holmes

This encounter with the god-like powers of the title character in Wells' fantasy "The Man Who Could Work Miracles" has an anticlimactic ending. They appear in the form of small men with their faces hidden under burlap bags. Holmes and Watson seem powerless to save the planet, even with the help of a former enemy, but the story ends with a touch of hope. This sequel to Wells' novel The First Men in the Moon is moderately enjoyable, even if the open-ended conclusion is not fully satisfying.

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: War of the Worlds : Manly Wade Wellman :

This is one of the more convincing pastiches of Arthur Conan Doyle in the book, but holds no real surprises to readers of Wells. Holmes and Watson arrive on his isolated island by accident while bound for South America. They investigate the death of a dog-man, seemingly killed by one of his fellow half-human animals. This story is a satisfying murder mystery. Wells takes place after the invaders from Mars described in The War of the Worlds were defeated.

The discovery of a man burnt to ashes suggests the possibility that a Martian with a death-ray still survives.

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The truth is not so simple. This is a cleverly plotted story, which makes good use of Holmes' deductive skills. There is not much more to the plot, which will be familiar to any reader of the Wells story referenced in the title.

Instead of expanding on one of Wells' works of science fiction or fantasy, it references his mainstream novel Tono-Bungay. A fictional radioactive substance found in that book is the story's only speculative element.

It plays an unexpected part in a bizarre case involving grave robbing and jewel thefts. This is an imaginative and compelling story that ends on a tragic note. Wells himself. Instead of just writing about a time machine, he invents one. Holmes and Watson become involved in a complex journey back and forth in time. Edgar Allan Poe and Jack the Ripper also show up. This story may be too reminiscent of Karl Alexander's novel Time After Time and the film adapted from it.