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Time and Eternity : The Medieval Discourse. This volume is composed of selected papers from the main strand, 'Time and Eternity', at the seventh International Medieval Congress held in July at Leeds. It attests to the fact that the medieval experience of time and eternity was rich and complex, and that its investigation is open to various approaches and methods.

Time and the possibility of impossibility of its beginning and its end were frontiers to be explored and to be understood. To make the reader more familiar with the field of study, the volume begins with Wesley Stevens's plenary address 'A Present Sense of Things Past: Quid est enim tempus?

Following Stevens's essay, the volume is organised into seven broader themes covering a variety of questions and trying to offer new insights into the medieval perception and constructions of time. The Board was that they argued only buy time and eternity of the paying parcel.

Time and Eternity: the Medieval Discourse

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Time And Eternity The Medieval Discourse

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