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5 Ways To Be A Great Lover

If at all possible, have a shower or at least give your undercarriage a quick rinse before you slip between the sheets. Talk Communication may be the most important aspect of good lovemaking. Ask her what she wants, how she feels and how you could possibly improve your skills. Starting up a conversation about sex can be excellent foreplay as well if you start sharing your fantasies and turn-ons with each other.

Slow down Quickies have their place, but most often a woman will appreciate you slowing down and taking the time to really get her in the mood, while also giving her room to reach orgasm at her own pace.

Do your homework and find out what has worked for others, then try it with your girl. Of course, the best way to perfect your performance is to ask for her feedback directly.

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Make Oral Sex Easy for Her. Top 10 Ways to Attract Any Woman.

What Makes Someone Good In Bed? 15 Bustle Readers Share Their Most Honest Sexual Preferences

No Foreplay Required. Married Sex: Make It Better.

5 Keys To Be Amazing In Bed - What Men Need To Know

Make time Spontaneity is an essential part of any good sex life, but so is planning. Take it slow and touch everything — a lot. You can almost never do too much foreplay.

What Makes a Great Lover?

Touching, stroking, massaging, and generally giving attention to various body parts is sexy, arousing, and generous. Show enthusiasm loudly if possible!

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  7. One of the top three things men wanted was noise! They wanted to know that what they were doing really pleased their partner, and one way they could be sure that they were pleasing her was if she expressed herself through words, shrieks, whimpers — anything.

    Women also appreciated verbal responses that told them they were on the right track. Listen for signs of greater arousal and repeat the acts with the most response.

    What Makes Someone Good In Bed? 15 Bustle Readers Share Their Most Honest Sexual Preferences

    The best lovers are good listeners. Skilled lovers ask whether their partner would like a softer or harder touch. They ask what their partner would like next, and they try their best to provide it.