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Critical theory

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Understanding Critical Theory

While we have you Topics reading lists philosophy. Readers Also Liked. Critical theory , Marxist-inspired movement in social and political philosophy originally associated with the work of the Frankfurt School.

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  • Drawing particularly on the thought of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud , critical theorists maintain that a primary goal of philosophy is to understand and to help overcome the social structures through which people are dominated and oppressed. Believing that science, like other forms of knowledge, has been used as an instrument of oppression, they caution against a blind faith in scientific progress, arguing that scientific knowledge must not be pursued as an end in itself without reference to the goal of human emancipation.

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    Since the s, critical theory has been immensely influential in the study of history , law, literature , and the social sciences. Critical theory.

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    Critical Theory

    Read More on This Topic. Critical theory , a broad-based Marxist-oriented approach to the study of society, was first developed in the s by theā€¦.