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So do you want to live that story God scripted for you?

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Hebrews exhorts us:. Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. God has set a race before each of His children.

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Your course cannot be completed any other way. But the key virtue is relentless endurance. Completing our course is crucial not only for us but also for those we are called to influence. If you are a child of God, you have what it takes to do this. As Jesus once said:. You may be facing adversity today in your marriage, family, employment, business, school, finances, health, or elsewhere. Your situation may seem utterly hopeless and without solution. I want to encourage you: no matter how tough your circumstances, they are not impossible to God.

All We Know of Heaven: A Novel

But notice that Jesus did place an important qualifier on this promise. God has placed the enabling power of His Holy Spirit within you. But the following morning, when she walks out to her car, all her tires are slashed and her windows are busted out. All of a sudden, Kitt Flannery shows up out of nowhere and starts bad mouthing Maureen and telling her she should have been the one to die and not Bridget. She slapped her hands, pushed her down, and pulled her up by her hair.

So when Maureen got home, Danny was there. Danny tells Maureen about him moving in three days and she feels like she is losing everything. So she ends it with a letter in a very sweet way.

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The next day, Maureen calls a college somewhere far away from Bigelow and does what she has to do to get accepted. But after all of this, he and Evan got tickets and went to her college to watch her sing. She sees him and her smile turns into a straight face. She then runs to him and everything is better. Chapter 21 — Maureen and Danny work things out and Sarah told Danny to tell Maureen she was really sorry about the things she said and did.

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About Orlando, FL Fiction. We have just finished writing the book 7 Days in Heaven which was published on July 20, Here is the story's synopsis. Questions about this project?

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